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Nanook was at the Newport News, VA SPCA in November, 2001. The woman that found our
first Berner "Dusty", saw Nanook at the shelter and called me immediately after she got home.

Here are the pictures taken the evening of 24 NOV 2001. Sorry about the lack of color. It wasn't my camera and I wasn't familiar with it. Nanook weighed 165 lbs. when he came to us.

Nanook left us on 12 September, 2005 after an 11 month battle with Lymphosarcoma. There were many tears shed by the clinic staff when he left us suddenly, but peacefully, while he was being held in a Tech's arms. It had gotten into his lungs and the chemo could not stop it. Nanook was a Trooper till the end and truly had a "Heart of Gold".
We all miss him.

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Big Brave Nanook, during a thunderstorm.

Nanook/DSC00153.JPG (30019 bytes)

Annalisa tries on her Halloween costume.




Nanook MPG #1

Nanook just "chillin".

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Nanook and Annalisa MPG #2

Both ignoring each other.

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Nanook and Annalisa MPG #3

Annalisa decides to go the other way.

Voice is our son's.

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